Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Resolutions: Setting Gluten-Free Goals

New Year’s resolutions are things most of us have made at some point, usually with varying levels of success. Typically, they revolve around improving our diet. But what about gluten-free people? The task of implementing or overhauling a gluten-free intake can be complicated.
Here are a few gluten-free resolution tips to consider as you prepare for 2015.

Enlist Some Help
A good support group can be very beneficial. Find a buddy to compare diet notes with – even if that person is not gluten free. Sometimes a spouse or co-worker can be good for moral support and venting. A gluten-free friend who likes to cook can be an even better asset, helping you find new recipes while providing initiative to keep your resolution going.

Get Tech-y
If you’re having trouble staying gluten free, look to technology for help. In a study of kids who must keep records of their diets, those who did so via text message instead of by hand were more likely to stick to their plan. Use your smartphone or email to communicate with buddies – you’ll create a database to look back on in the process. Join forum discussions or social network groups to share your progress. Here are a few of our favorite G-free apps to help get you started!

Spice it Up
Rotating the same four or five gluten-free meals every week can get old. There are plenty of recipe resources available – use them! Adding just one gluten-free recipe per week will keep your rotation fresh and give your taste buds something to look forward to.

Make Breakfast Fruity
Gluten-free waffles 365 times a year might get old by themselves. Why not change it up a little? Adding fruit to your breakfast is simpler and fast than it sounds. Resolve to always keep frozen and dried fruit available and add them to your waffles, cereal and muffins.

Supplement Your Diet
A gluten-free diet can be strict enough at times that some of the vitamins and minerals your body needs could be missing. Daily gluten-free supplements could go a long way towards making your gluten-free initiative a success. Find more information on supplementing your gluten-free diet, here.

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