Friday, February 13, 2015

Sneaky, Sneaky Gluten

Boy, I thought I knew it all.

We gluten-free folks, we’re used to doing our homework. We know which aisles to focus in on at our local supermarkets, and which ones to steer clear from. We know the menus of a handful of restaurants in our towns like the backs of our hands. And some of us are pretty handy around the kitchen too, whipping up yummy gluten-free goodies alongside normal foods without a trace of cross contamination. For quite a long time, I’d been doing just those kinds of things too, and hadn’t had any issues accidentally ingesting gluten. Until last week!

Blame it on winter, I guess. But it was cold and windy and my poor lips were chapped and I just had to have some lip balm and…. Ahhh. That felt better. A little while later, though, it didn’t feel better at all! That life-saving (okay, lip-saving) stick I applied to my red, burning lips had gluten in it! And I was miserable.

I found out the hard way: Gluten can hide in the darndest places. I’m fine now, but I’m extra cautious these days to avoid a repeat. That means I look more closely at medications, beauty products, vitamins and supplements, you name it! I even found out the other day that things labeled “wheat free” and some pickles have gluten in them! Wheat free, but not gluten free?! I love pickles! Oh, the humanity.

But, I digress. I thought I knew it all. Don’t be like me… Check out these links below to learn more sneaky places gluten can hide!

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