Friday, April 10, 2015

Tax Time Stress Relief

Whether you’re gluten-free or not, tax time is stressful for everyone! If you've got Celiac disease, some of the stress can be eased by the fact that you may be able to receive a tax deduction for all of those gluten-free expenses. For those of us with gluten allergies or adhering to g-free diets however, we've got to take some of the more traditional approaches to stress relief. As with most things, there are a few precautions we must take before unwinding.

G-free Massage Oil
One of the common cures for both physical and mental stress is a relaxing massage. Most massage therapists use some kind of oil or lotion; be sure to ask if you can check the ingredients, as some may contain traces of wheat. Whenever I get a massage, I just bring along my own g-free oil, but you could always opt for plain coconut oil – it smells great and is good for your skin! 

G-free Bubble Bath
Another age-old method of relieving stress is to melt it away in a decedent bubble bath. If your bubble bath contains any trace of gluten however, decadence can quickly become disaster! There are plenty of g-free bubble baths out there, but another great option is a few drops of lavender oil. Pure lavender oil is naturally gluten-free and has been proven to reduce stress!

G-Free Tea
For some, relaxation can be found in the form of a warm beverage. Plain black or green teas are usually free of gluten, but several others contain traces of wheat or may use barley malt as a sweetener. Be sure to read all tea labels carefully, or make your own herbal tea if you are feeling adventurous.

While all of these methods are great ways to relax, you can also take a shortcut: a glass of your favorite Wine - It’s always g-free!

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