Friday, October 2, 2015

iBGFree Update

Who We Are
Taken for granted so often in this day and age is one’s ability to eat on the go. Options are all around us, from grab-and-go choices in your pantry, to fast food chains, to the snack aisle at your local gas station. Also taken for granted? That those on-the-go choices are good for us. Hint: they’re usually not.

Enter iBGFree. iBGFree serves the gluten-free community as a resource for healthy, convenient food and informative, fun content. iBGFree was born out of the necessity for gluten-free, on-the-go snacks in venues where they traditionally do not exist. We provide fun, great-tasting, easy-to-access food for those living a gluten-free lifestyle.

Why You Should Care
New iBGFree vending machines will be popping up within shopping centers, tourist destinations, entertainment venues – you name it. They might be situated next to a candy or movie dispenser, but what you’ll get from an iBGFree machine won’t be processed goop or the latest box-office smash.

Instead, within iBGFree machines you’ll find health-focused, great-tasting options for those seeking a quick meal. Dispensed like candy bars or bags of chips, iBGFree machines ensure millions seeking healthy food choices will be able to have anytime, anywhere access to quality, individually packaged, gluten-free food and drink.

What We've Accomplished
iBGFree is growing! We are thrilled to share that we currently have three up-and-running machines in Illinois, with additional expansion efforts in the works! So stay tuned...we hope to have one of our fabulous, brightly colored g-free vending machines available near you, very soon.

And, we are so delighted that our iBGFree community is growing as well. As we continue our mission to provide access to healthy gluten-free foods on the go, more than 2,000 followers have joined us on our journey! We are so glad that you are part of our g-free community. Stay tuned for more updates and helpful tips on living gluten-free.

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