Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Amy's Choice: Gluten-Free Products

Beyond the Label
Label reading can be a gluten-free person’s main pastime. Those little nuggets of information on the backs of food packaging everywhere are crucial to deciphering what is edible and what isn’t. It can be a tedious process, but for gluten-free folks across the globe, it is a necessary one.
Luckily with iBGFree, you won’t need to read any labels or look for any gluten-free logos. Why? Because all the food options we offer are 100 percent gluten free and safe for your consumption. No labels, no hassles.

Amy’s Choice
The secret to this lies in the diet of iBGFree founder, Amy. Since Amy is a Celiac, her food intake must be completely free of gluten and any gluten cross-contamination. Because Amy is eager to take part in her own initiative (which is a good sign for her customers!), she chooses all the machine’s meals, snacks and drinks herself. That’s good news for you, the gluten-free consumer: When you make your selection and your fresh, tasty treat comes out of the iBGFree machine, you’ll know it’s safe for you to eat, too.

While you’ll still see the nutritional labels you’re used to on our packages, we take the guesswork and effort out of eating gluten free on the go. That’s just one more way iBGFree is committed to helping people lead healthier lives. If it’s Amy’s choice, you’re safe to choose it as well.

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