Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gluten Free Fast Foods

Fast food catches a bad rap, but despite its unhealthy reputation, some chains do have options for us gluten-free customers. Knowing where to go as well as what – and what not – to order are musts when considering adding drive-thru nutrition to your gluten-free diet.

Here are some of my favorite g-free fast food options:

  • A dedicated gluten-free menu including bunless hamburgers, salads, baked potatoes and chili.  Many locations use dedicated fryers, so be sure to ask.
  • Click for gluten free at Wendys
 In-and-Out Burger
Burger King
Boston Market
Some fast food chains to avoid if you’re going gluten-free:
  • McDonald’s
  • Taco Bell

Remember to always request that those preparing your food, change gloves for your order, clean the grill before preparing or use a dedicated, gluten-free surface. Always confirm that your French fries or other fried items are cooked in a dedicated fryer and that the oil has not been recycled from one vat to another (meaning that older oil that was used for all fried foods is now used only for fries, etc…). 

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