Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Could a Pill Keep Gluten Away?

As adopters of the gluten-free lifestyle, surely weve all fantasized about snatching a piece of fried chicken, taking a nice long sip of beer or feasting on a handful of grandmas fresh-baked cookies. But, whether youre gluten free by choice or by necessity, we all know those little transgressions are not good ideas.

We also know that, for those of us with Celiac disease, no vaccines, pharmaceuticals or surgical procedures currently exist to combat the effects of gluten. However, help could be on the way! According to a recent story published by Yahoo! Health, drug companies currently are attempting to develop a pill to mitigate the symptoms of accidental gluten ingestion something I know I personally have had to deal with far too often.

Sure, non-FDA approved supplements for the effects of the gluten peptide already exist, but the drugs being designed now would ideally function as a more comprehensive combatant of accidental gluten ingestion and cross contamination. How handy would that be?!

This is not to say were all out of the woods just yet gluten intolerance pharmaceuticals overall are still in their infancy and face an uphill battle. Complex regulatory frameworks for the approval of drugs in most countries is a major restraint on development. This is partly due to rising incidence of Celiac disease, and lack of treatment options. On the bright side, Celiac disease diagnoses are rising in lockstep with healthcare expenditure, changing lifestyles, increasing awareness about healthcare, and increasing number of initiatives by various governments and government associations. This means were still trending upward! Dont lose hope!

Want to keep up with the latest news on this front? Check out the link below and stay informed And only for the time being, stay away from those cookies.

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