Friday, July 24, 2015

Have you ever been waiting in the checkout aisle of your local grocery (cart stuffed full of gluten-free goodies, of course), and been just bored enough to page through one of those Us Weekly magazines? You know, the ones with the Jenners and/or Kardashians on the cover every time?

Anyway, those magazines have a feature called Theyre Just like us! this recurring section includes photos of various celebrities doing mundane, peasant-type (wink, wink!) tasks such as getting gas, receiving a parking ticket or leaving a store with a torn, overflowing bag. It turns out, though, that a lot of the people in those photos really do have something in common with us: a bunch of them are gluten-free!

Just for kicks, heres a list of some notable names who steer clear of gluten-laced goods. Enjoy!

·         Oprah Well start with a big name, if not one that is truly gluten free. The talk show billionaire followed a strict diet during a recent three-week cleanse in which she gave up, among other things, gluten. 
·          Jennifer Aniston This ageless star recently dabbled in the short-lived baby food weight loss plan that consists of small jars of pureed, gluten-free vegetables and fruits. Lets hope she stayed away from the jars of peas yuck!
·         Russell Crowe The Australian superstar shared on social media last month that hed dropped nearly 20 pounds of fat, and gave credit to a gluten-free diet. Did he gain weight for a role we dont yet know about?
·         Zooey Deschanel Known mostly for New Girl and her role opposite Will Ferrell in Elf, this dead ringer for singer Katy Perry was once vegan and gluten free. Shes since ditched the vegan lifestyle, but still ingests no gluten due to an allergy.
·         Jim Carrey This megastar swears by a "veggies and protein" diet, and steers clear of wheat and dairy most of the time. He admitted recently to cheating and getting a pizza from time to time. Can we hold that against a guy that funny?
·         Chelsea Clinton The only daughter of the political mega-couple has a gluten allergy, and is a vegetarian, as well. She even had her nuptials and reception catered entirely with vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, including the wedding cake!
·         Drew Brees Super Bowl winner? Check. NFL Man of the Year and Comeback Player of the Year? Check and check. Gluten free? Check. The star quarterback of the New Orleans Saints suffers from Celiac disease, but you wouldnt know it by his on-field performance.
·         Miley Cyrus Say what you want about the pop singers other lifestyle choices, but something is working to help her keep her shape. She tweeted earlier this year that her gluten-free choice was not about weight, but about health. Well ride a wrecking ball to that!
Those eight names are only the beginning of a huge list! Want to know more of the names, and the stories behind their gluten-free choices? Check out the links below!

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