Thursday, July 30, 2015

G-free. Frozen. Fast.

Weve probably all been there: You spend a summer day at the pool, and then at baseball practice, and then finally youre home with showers taken and stomachs empty.

Such is a byproduct of busy summertime. The last thing any of us typically want to do after a long, hot day is slave over an equally hot stove, when all that sounds good are quick eats and cool sheets. Throw in the need for gluten-free products and, oh boy, you can have a dilemma on your hands!

Thanks to modern technology, though, frozen meals can be a perfect fit for such an evening. Doubly good for the gluten-free crowd, is that we are really starting to see an increase in the amount of freezer meals that we can quickly pop into the microwave or oven. These meals are safe for us to eat, and delicious too!

Chicken nuggets Corndogs Pizza Soups All these are current gluten-free options that are available to us in frozen form, and they are made by several brands perfect fare for those summer days, no? And most of us have heard about Udis; they have an entire page of frozen meals on their website, and a feature that lets you see what stores close to you carry certain meals. And how about this for an idea: the Gluten Free Mall. At this site, you can order from a plethora of frozen, gluten-free meals online, and have them shipped to your door. Hows that for convenience?

We all get busy, and summer can be the busiest time of all. Take heart, though, in the above words and the below links. Take control of your summer, and fill your belly with gluten-free goodness while you do it!

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